Earlier this month, the news media was full of reports concerning the so-called Caravan of Central American immigrants that was making its way through Mexico to the U.S. border. As far as I know, this is the first time so much American media attention was focused on this migrant spectacle that has turned into a yearly happening. The first caravan was staged eight years ago to shed light on the trials and tribulations Central American migrants have to endure while crossing through Mexico.

As usual, Mexican government officials at every level wasted no time in turning a noble cause into a political circus full of photo ops and platitudes about how they support the transit of migrants who are doing nothing more than searching for a decent livelihood. If these government hypocrites really meant it, they would encourage the masses of poor people in their states to join the caravans of hope and head for the USA. But then, they would end up losing half their population!

The hypocrisy and cynicism are sickening, to say the least. These officials know damn well of the horrors experienced by Central American migrants as they literally go through a Mexican hell before some are able to reach the fake heaven of the United States. It is well-known in Mexico that these poor people are robbed and beaten by the Mexican police and Migra, that they are kidnapped by drug cartels and forced to transport drugs into the United States, those who refuse will be found in “narcofosas” scattered throughout the country. Also, many of the migrant women are regularly raped or kidnapped and deviated from their trip north into the nightmare journey of prostitution in both the United States and Mexico.

Look in the Mexican newspapers and you’ll find plenty of evidence of the cynical game politicians play with our Central American neighbors. They turn a blind eye to the robbing, kidnapping, killing, raping, and human trafficking for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, in the process, they have turned Mexico into La Tierra de los Desaparecidos. Mexico is now the new Chile or, better yet, the new Argentina of the 1970s where Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo are replaced by the Caravans of Madres Centroamericanas looking for their lost sons and daughters. This search is as in vain as that of the Argentine mothers. And there’s no evidence the American media will pay attention to their plight, so far there has been lots of silence north of the border concerning these desparecidos and desaparecidas, even in universities I don’t hear much. Maybe if we gave then a trendy name, say,  “The New Desaparecidex,” my colleagues would become interested in researching and discussing this problem on campuses across the nation.

For a few weeks, however, the American media did briefly bring up the issue of these immigrants after Donald Trump and Fox News, always on the lookout to find justifications for las Trompadas de Trump, found out about the yearly Caravana de Migrantes and quickly began to manipulate the story to rouse the fears of the American public. Right away they created images that reminded Americans of the recent exodus of Syrians and the chaos that ensued as they tried to reach Germany. The message was clear: the USA was heading in the same direction and Trump had to do everything to save their country from this horde of Central Americans coming to live off the fat of the American land, which made it even more imperative to build the beautiful wall to keep them out.

What, people failed to see was that these so-called Caravans of Migrants hardly ever reach their goal, that is, we never read any reports of their arrival at the border. After the Mexican government officials at every level exploit them for their own political purposes and the news media squeezes every ounce of publicity from these spectacles, the Caravans of Migrants seem to dissipate like moisture in the hot desert of northern Mexico.


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